Bitcoin Payments are back

Bitcoin Payments are back as normaly but with currently a fee of 1000 Satoshi per direkt withdraw.

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Posted on 2023-06-27 20:48:22

Bitcoin Payments Temporarily Suspended

For the moment, we are unable to make Bitcoin payments due to Network Congestion.

You can wait...

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Posted on 2023-05-09 20:21:09

Payout limit fixed

Now you cna withdraw at 30500 satoshi direkt to any btc walled address.
The bug is fixxed its...

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Posted on 2023-01-02 21:10:48

new offerwall

Added revlum to the offerwall Section.
They have great Surveys and Offers and also Shortlinks...

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Posted on 2022-09-27 21:18:24

earn while playing

Added OfferOC to the offerwall section.
There you can earn easy 3 Satoshi eavy minute while p...

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Posted on 2022-07-18 23:02:28